Disney Infinity 4.0 and future plans (before it was cancelled)

For Disney Infinity fans who are still getting over the recent news that Disney Infinity has been cancelled, you may have been wondering what the plans were for Disney Infinity’s future and Disney Infinity 4.0.

Patrick Klepek at Kotaku was able to get a hint at some of these epic plans from anonymous sources and they sounded truly amazing.

Developers were planning numerous new level packs, including one based on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story movie, as well as a new line of 12-inch figures.

There were also plans for a 2017 release of Disney Infinity 4.0, complete with a long-awaited story mode that would have brought together the adventures of characters from the series Star Wars, Marvel and Disney universes.

Here’s a brief overview of what was to come of Disney Infinity over the course of 2016 and 2017.

Rogue One Play Set

In the months following the release of Alice in Wonderland (May) and Finding Dory (June) which are still being released, we were going to see a variety of different level packs including one for the Star Wars Rogue One movie which would of no doubt been released at a similar time as the movie, so December 2016.


Developers were planning numerous new level packs, including one based on this fall’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story movie
Moana Play Set.

As well as Rogue One, Studio Gobo was working on a Moana Play Set.

New 12″ Figures!
I would have loved to see how these turned out, hopefully, someone will leak or just officially show us the photos, development and perhaps a video of what these figures would have looked like.

This new line of figures would have included some of the best selling figures such as:
Buzz Lightyear
Darth Vader
Jack Skellington and more.
They would have retailed for $45 and would have included additional features in the game as well as psychically lighting up!

In 2017, we would have seen:

Toy Box Story Mode

Also here would have been some depth to the Toy Box that existed without the need of building it yourself. You would have been able to play your favorite characters in world’s unbeknown to them.

New Play Sets for…

Guardians of the Galaxy 2
Honestly, I was most excited about this (and Pirates of the Caribbean) as I had SO much fun playing the Guardians of the Galaxy Play Set and of course the movie is awesome, the characters are awesome so it would have just been – AMAZING!

Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Men Tell No Tales
One of my favorite Disney franchises, this would have been really cool!

Thor Ragnarok
Again, this would have been awesome and I wish it had gone ahead.

As well as new Play Sets for:

Cars 3
Star Wars VIII

So 2017 would have been a jam-packed year full of incredible infinity news!