Hector Barbossa

Hector Barbossa was released on 8/18/2013 as part of Disney Infinity 1.0.

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Captain Hector Barbossa is a main antagonist of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, however switches his alignments in the sequels. He appears as a playable character in Disney INFINITY. Barbossa was released on August 18th at launch.

Hector Barbossa appears as a playable character in the game, playable in both the Toy Box and the Pirates Of The Caribbean Playset.

Hector Barbossa has the exact same abilities as Jack Sparrow, However, his sword strikes were made to be slower than Jack Sparrow’s beginning with 3.0. His abilities include swiping his sword in a 3 hit combo and shooting a Flintlock Pistol.  If the player holds down the attack button, Barbossa will perform The Double Crosser, where he thrusts his sword forward, breaking the opponent’s block and causing extra damage.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Hector Barbossa was a legendary and ferocious pirate of the Caribbean. A captain of treacherous morality, a vile pirate returned from the dead, and a master of his own fate, Barbossa was the ultimate survivor. Ruthless and cunning, combining experience with reckless daring, Barbossa was also a deadly enemy and nemesis to Captain Jack Sparrow. In his youth, Barbossa was an honest sailor who left to make an easier living as a pirate. Originally a captain of the schooner Cobra, Barbossa would join Jack Sparrow aboard the Black Pearl as first mate. After a while of sailing under Sparrow, Barbossa led a mutiny against Jack and marooned him before finding the treasure of Cortés in Isla de Muerta. Upon falling under the Aztec curse, Barbossa led his crew in search of all the scattered pieces of gold they either spent or traded, and blood to lift their terrible curse. In mysterious circumstances, Barbossa would become the Pirate Lord of the Caspian Sea after he obtained the Piece of Eight of the previous Lord. Ten years later, the curse was lifted by Will Turner, the child of former crewman Bootstrap Bill, at which time Barbossa was killed by his old captain, Jack Sparrow.

Even death was not the end of Captain Barbossa, as he was later resurrected by Tia Dalma, secretly the sea goddess Calypso in human form, who demanded that Barbossa help free her from her human bonds in return for his resurrection. After helping rescue Jack Sparrow in Davy Jones’ Locker, Barbossa had to join up with the Brethren Court to battle against Lord Cutler Beckett, who had control over Davy Jones and the Flying Dutchman. At some point afterwards, Barbossa had lost his leg, and the Black Pearl, which forced him to serve as a privateer, claiming to owe his allegiance to King George II. Having been given command aboard the HMS Providence, Barbossa participated in the quest for the Fountain of Youth, where he would rendezvous with Jack Sparrow, Blackbeard and destiny.

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